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J. Douglas Ferguson

J. Douglas Ferguson

     For over 50 years J. Douglas Ferguson was known as the “Dean of Canadian Numismatics”.
His interests were broad, encompassing the full range of coins, tokens, bank notes, merchant scrip and historical medals, that make up the field of numismatics. He roamed the world, making friends and disseminating his profound knowledge of the subject. The Foundation is honoured to bear his name.


     The J. Douglas Ferguson Historical Research Foundation, established in 1971, is a non-profit educational organization. It fills a need in Canada for financing research and study, and for providing funds for publishing and related activities in the numismatic field.

     The Foundation's prime objective is to give financial support to a broad range of activities aimed at preserving our heritage as it relates to early historical currency, banks and other issuers of money, coins, tokens, medals and paper money issued throughout Canada.

     The Foundation was incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act in 1974, thus ensuring continuation of its activities. The J. Douglas Ferguson Historical Research Foundation is a "Catalyst for Action"!

  • this web site is intended to introduce you to the mission of the Foundation, its accomplishments and to provide comprehensive information on its publications, most of which are still in print
  • the Foundation is independent of all other numismatic organizations, although it seeks to co-operate with them to support worthy ventures.
  • all the work of the Foundation is done by volunteers who receive no salaries or honoraria. Hence, administrative costs have been kept very low.
  • the Foundation has also assisted, on several occasions, when senior numismatists or executors needed professional advice on evaluating and disposing of major collections in a safe and advantageous manner.